George St. Clair

New Album


"This is seriously thoughtful and intelligent songwriting...he has also managed to set this to some damn fine music.
This is a balladeer with a mean guitar."
— Americana UK

“A wonderfully unassuming record that comes at you from out of nowhere.
You have to give this a spin because you just won’t believe it
— Midwest Record Review

“A timeless album.
As good as the music is, the stories woven into the lyrics really shine with an immediacy and honesty.”

— Music Street Journal

“A stunning act of balladry storytelling.”
— Exclusive Magazine

“Fully captures the spirit and vastness of the American West.”
— RockWrite


Ballads of Captivity and Freedom

by George St Clair

Released March 2nd, 2018

Recorded at Bird and Egg Studios Richmond, CA Additional Recording at Petting Zoo Studio Oakland, CA, and Marketstall Records, London, UK